Topologe Seaport-e

Topologe Seaport-e

Topologe has been awarded the Seaport-e contract as a prime vendor and we are delighted to extend our streamlined brand of IT services and support to Seaport-e users and work with them to ensure that their goals are met and their expectations are exceeded.

Our core competencies encompass information assurance, total IM/IT and business management solutions, among others. From program management facilitation to providing high level administrative IT support, Topologe has achieved success in providing IT assistance to government agencies. Our team works closely with all its customers to meet their goals and minimize risk. We seek to provide excellent products while promoting quality, accountability and goodwill.

Seaport-e Point of Contact:

Alejandro Sarmiento
Topologe, LLC
20 Mall Road
Suite 200
Burlington, MA 01803

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