Topologe’s Quality Assurance Plan

Topologe’s Quality Assurance Plan

IT support services have entered a new era characterized by cooperation and strategic partnering between the contractor and the client. We understand the overarching goals, have the demonstrated capacity to work hand-in-hand with our clients, and have the flexibility to meet changing requirements. To ensure that programs are sustainable over their lifecycle, we recognize that quality must be “designed in.” Topologe works with each task order to ensure that our solutions fit precisely the parameters of each client’s unique needs.

Our methodologies establish QA– related roles and responsibilities– for every staff level with standardized procedures. Our managers identify and address performance issues quickly by ensuring that staff achieve performance standards and correct identified errors, while making recommendations for improving processes, training and technology. The four basic practices to detect and correct deficiencies or errors include: Inspections (planned and unplanned), Reviews, Customer Surveys, and Internal Audits.

Topologe uses our extensive experience to anticipate problems and test for those before hand to minimize downtime, but we understand that things don’t always follow the plan exactly. So we have built into our procedures an approach to quality assurance that incorporates QA every step of the way rather than implementing an untested solution and risking disaster scenarios.

Topologe’s procedure is outlined in this diagram:

Quality Assurance

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